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Let's go around the room

I've working in professional theater for almost 15 years, and the first thing you do when you walk into a room with a new cast, crew, design team and various administration staff is circle up and do introductions. Even when everyone knows everyone else, the theater circle is a required ritual to every production. A reverent moment of connection; my name is, my role is, and now through this sharing we are a family unit moving forward to closing night.

I cannot tell you how many welcome circles I have been a part of, but when I sat down to address this new blog, while in pandemic lockdown, I knew exactly how many I had missed and how I needed to start this community. So Hello! My name is Lee; I'm a freelance Costume Designer, Production Manager for a regional Non-profit theater in Massachusetts, and most importantly an avid fiber artist. I learned to Sew when I was about eight, crochet a few years later, and knit in college. In my career I have relied on my knitting or crochet to be ice breakers, boredom shakers, and general meditation to get through days sitting in darkness that can last 18 hours or more.

So welcome to my page, you're invited to join our circle and be a member of this crazy little world. We will chat with Designers about their use of knitwear in their shows, with makers who will give us a look at what it takes to knit for stage and screen, and we will work up knits together inspired by favorite productions. Come along you're part of the family now.

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